Free Sales Training Book “Selling is Sharing”

This free sales training book in downloadable form, has been written to enhance any sales, digital selling or social selling sales tactics to engage customers or prospects online. The free sales training book compliments your online sales training and learning experience at The Digital Sales Institute.

Available to all training course participants to read online and download.

Sharing is Selling Book Highlights

This Free sales training book has been expertly written from over 5000 hours of research and input from sales, social selling, digital marketing and social media experts. Learn how Content combined with Social Selling can used as a vehicle for sales transformation.  Also, learn how to evaluate, support and integrate digital selling skills as part of a sales enablement plan to become a social business .

The free book has over 150 pages of insights, case studies, data, statistics and practical advice on content curation, social media, digital sales, social selling and day to day selling routines.

“The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.” – Ray Kroc


Social Media and Social Selling is Transforming business

The relationship between sellers and buyers has changed. Traditionally this agreement involved interrupting buyers (with cold calling, advertisements etc) in exchange for providing some information or education. This was the price buyers paid to be kept informed at little to no cost. However, the social networks and social media has changed that agreement.
Add in the fact that multiple decision makers are becoming more prevalent. In sales, the single-threaded approach—a salesperson forming a relationship with one decision maker—is becoming less effective. Research shows the average B2B sales opportunity has 5.4 decision makers involved. Helping buyers reach a decision requires multiple points of contact in the company. Instead of following through with only one prospect, a sales process must go deeper into the buying team’s structure, creating and building many relationships. Social media, Content and Social selling enables any sales professional to leverage the social networks to find those multiple contact points.
“Sharing is Selling” is a knowledgeable, practical guide on using content, content curation and social media in conjunction with social selling to form deeper relationships with customers as part of the sales process.