10 Strategies to Increase Online Sales


Online sales, be they B2B or business to consumer is on a continued upward curve. In fact e-commerce sales is expected to surpass $6.5 Trillion in the next few years. Also, B2B sales alone will exceed 18% of all online sales. If you’re struggling to acquire customers or promote your offline business, you must quickly upskill in the areas of digital marketing and social media. Due to the reach and influence of the internet, most sales and marketing related activity is going online as it’s more effective to reach and interact with your target audience. However, you may find your business struggling online to maintain a presence against competitors.

Implementing an effective content marketing, social media and advertising strategy is necessary to thrive online. The goal is to gain maximum customers out of the audience to push more sales and grow more steadily. In this article, we will share the top 10 marketing strategies to increase online sales. With our proven strategies, you’ll be able to secure a more substantial customer base and stable growth in the e-commerce world.


What type of Audience is Found in the Online Sales World?

In the physical mode of marketing and buying, you may find different types of customers. Some might be looking to make an immediate purchase. On the other hand, some are just window shopping, and others reach out to you because their friend or relative mentioned your business.

The same concept runs in the online sales. In the e-commerce business, you will find these the following types of audiences:

  • Audience who knows about the existence of your online presence or at least has visited your site.
  • Audience who is looking for something that relates to your products or services.
  • Audience who would consider purchasing your product if they become aware of it.

10 Strategies to Push Online Sales

From dominating the competitive market to converting audiences into customers, the following strategies will help you grow sales with promising results.

1.    Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective way of approaching your customers. You can apply this strategy to both existing and new customers. To apply this strategy, you should maintain email scheduling. To succeed with your email marketing, you should focus on two metrics: email deliverability (your ability to reach the person) and messaging performance (your ability to get the email  recipient to take an action).

You can send discount offers, seasonal deals, and new arrivals to your customers via promotional emails. But make sure to write a concise subject line and maintain a proper structure while sending an email. Avoid ending up in the spam box of the recipient. When writing messages for email marketing, you have to make sure that they are engaging and appealing to the readers. If you find it hard to make your writing engaging the first time around, you can try paraphrasing it later on. When it comes to paraphrasing your online sales content, you can either opt to do it manually or you can choose to paraphrase online. The benefit of the second method is that you can get the results much more quickly.

However, to paraphrase online, you have to make sure that you pick the right tool for the job. There are a lot of them available online, so you have to be a little careful when making your pick.

2.    Social Media Marketing

To win at online sales, the social media data tells us that social commerce, short-form video, personalization and self guided shopping will continue to grow. As part of their sales training programs, many online businesses start from social media platforms like Facebook, which are free and easy to use. You can start by joining social media groups relevant to your online business. There you may find the right audience that can become your potential customers. Similarly, you can make your store by launching a Facebook page under your business’s name. You can post pictures of your products or provide descriptions of your services. Share your page’s content in Facebook groups to target the right audience directly.

3.    SEO Optimization

Another element that should never be missed for an online business is search engine optimization. If you’re running a dedicated e-commerce website for your brand, you’ll have to index in SERPs. Therefore, applying the on-page SEO strategies is vital to help you gain recognition among search results. When making online content, make sure to add a unique title tag. Secondly, you have to include the meta description for your site. Both elements are the first things a user sees when your site appears in the search results.

4.    Copywriting

Copywriting is the most effective way of attracting customers through online content writing. The term copywriting is mainly misunderstood with copyright (legal ownership). Copywriting content should be unique and easy to read for the users. The focus is on relating to the user’s problem and giving them a solution. Marketers can paraphrase online to maintain integrity and readability in their promotional copy. When you paraphrase online, you can relate to your consumers’ readability, tone, and style. By rephrasing a product description or review, you can explain how the product can be helpful for you. The solution should relate to your product so the user can be compiled to avail services from your business.

5.    Search Engine Marketing

The Google Ads search engine gives you the maximum reach by targeting customers who search for terms related to your business. This platform by Google allows you to bid on keywords so you can appear on the top of search result pages, as featured in the image below. Search engine optimization helps you secure the top spots, especially with the featured snippets answers. But still, Google Ads will remain on top. This strategy gives you real-time results and allows you to adjust your campaign online sales strategies.

6.    Advertise on Instagram or Tik Tok

Instagram has become another significant social media circle due to its interface focused on displaying visual content. In addition, it categorizes content under specific hashtags, making it easier for online businesses to target their online market. You can make an Instagram page under the name of your business and post products or services via stories and posts. Add relevant hashtags to your post captions which can also be the primary keywords to promote your content. Eventually, when someone searches for your product or service, your Instagram post will appear in their results. This technique can help you to gain sales without paying a single penny for marketing.

7.    Collaborate with Complementary Brands

When it comes to marketing business, keep in mind that you’re not alone. You can always find collaboration with brands offering products or accessories that relate to your business. Create a partnership with other brands for cross-promotion. In this way, both brands can grow their customer base. Methods for cross-promotion can vary. You can adapt various methods for cross-promotion with other brands, including hosting or sponsoring online events. You can also release seasonal collaborations of products of yours and another brand. For example, Pepsi and Lays collaborate during sports events.

8.    Engage Social Events

Online communication is essential to promote sales and gain better reach for your audience. You can get brand awareness by hosting online competitions like quizzes and lucky draws. If your online business is more about B2B sales SaaS-based products, you can reach a bigger audience and sales by hosting educational webinars and virtual conferences. Such events allow your audience to connect socially but note of caution. Make sure your sales training has covered how to present effectively. In this way, you can rapidly spread the word about your business.

 9.    Collaborate with Influencers

Another popular marketing method is promoting your brand and services through influencers. Thousands of users follow social media influencers. You can sponsor an influencer’s content by sending them free samples of your products so they can use or talk about them online. When an influencer discusses a product online, their audience gains a value of trust to use the product. Eventually, a ratio of influencers’ followers becomes your customers by following a straightforward approach.


10.  Implement Live Chat Support

Chat support imposes an impression that you listen to your customers. Quite often, a user has dozens of questions in their mind before making the big purchase. Chat support can provide convenient access to chat with your audience directly from your online platform. The chat support person should possess complete knowledge of the product and service. Smooth communication can help your audience to develop an element of trust. In this way, your business can likely gain sales by directly engaging with customers.


Online sales and marketing is more effective and lucrative as compared to offline marketing. It is also a cost-efficient method to implement online strategies. Social media platforms won’t cost you a dime to start marketing your business, which makes it a recommended option for startups. This article discussed 10 marketing sales strategy ideas to increase online sales. We also discuss the type of audience that explores products and services online. We hope this article was helpful for you in promoting your business online with simple methods.


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