The Digital Sales Institute series of online sales training programs and courses work hand-in-glove with Sales Coaching, as part of a Sales Up-skill program, Sales Enablement or Sales Transformation plan. Our online sales training programs help salespeople to put their selling skills at the center stage of customer engagement.


Our business school standard online sales training courses will help Automate, Integrate, Measure and Scale the adoption of the latest selling techniques into the sales process for improved revenue performance. All the sales training programs and courses are designed to crystallize a sellers mindset, the sales habit loop and how to increase the quality of interactions with customers and prospects.


Our sales training programs and courses demystify any confusion regarding sales topics such as cold calling, sales prospecting, lead generation, social selling, digital selling and critical selling skills in the sales process.  Salespeople can acquire the core sales skills they to speed up revenue and customer growth – all in their own time.


Learn sales prospecting, cold calling, digital selling skills, how to use social selling plus a range of core selling skills in 1 all inclusive online sales training package that lets students train across all the sales training courses for one low price.


• Close the sales skills gap to generate more revenue
• Master selling techniques for sales and career growth
• Drive up sales leads by 30-40% over a 6 month period
• Learn sales prospecting to find and engage buyers

• Understand how identify and qualify sales leads
• Learn about the sales habit loop and a sellers mindset
• Sales training courses that speed up the sales cycle
• Install clear KPI’s, sales metrics and sales playbooks
• Eliminate any roadblocks to becoming a better salesperson

Low Cost Online Sales Training Backed By Business School Standards