Basic Sales Tactics That Work


Basic sales tactics can sometimes be overlooked in the quest to create a more complex sales strategy or sales process that is more flair than factual. As every salesperson or business owner knows, the goal of selling is to acquire more customers – profitably!!

All sales tactics needs to be planned in order to be effective, as the right tactics are key to making your business grow and achieving your goals.

Apart from well thought our sales tactics, digital marketing has now also become central to every sales strategy. And it us no longer just about good content or high traffic to your website. Nowadays, selling is all about targeting the right profile of buyer, the buyer who is more likely to buy your products and services due to their pain points or challenges. The old sales methods of attracting customers is slowing declining because the more traditional sales tactics and sales pitches have already probably reached everyone. And this means sales strategies have changed quite a bit these days. To scale a business, you just can’t depend on Google AdWords anymore to drive sales leads (not saying don’t do it, but it doesn’t seem like an actual strategy for increasing sales).

Here are some of the best basic sales tactics that can drive in tons of new customers for your business:

1.      Email Marketing and Basic Sales Tactics

It isn’t the spammy email marketing that you’re thinking of. It’s actually about sending highly personalized emails with relevant information related to what the person is looking for or wants. You can also use social media platforms to collect contact details of people interested in what you have to offer and send them personalized messages that they will appreciate more than traditional advertising.

One to one personalized email marketing involves the selective of targeting of specific customers or prospects and engaging them with a content that matters to them. It can be anything from an introduction, some research, a whitepaper, news, or an invitation to something specific.  Personalized email marketing will not guarantee a sales lead, but it gives you a better chance of opening a sales conversation. Email marketing as one of your basic sales tactics should not be overlooked.

2.      Social Media and Social Selling

If you don’t know how to use social media and social selling as part of your sales tactics, then recruit someone who does. Social media is a superb channel to influence and garner attention. Regular blogs with great content (and SEO keywords) when shared on social media can be a potential inbound lead channel. Social selling involves salespeople using social media to reach buyers and an audience. It is not about selling but rather making real and meaningful connections. Digital selling (using the social media channels) is now a key component of any sales strategy. However, salespeople need to be trained how to navigate their way, so they don’t harm your brand or reputation.

3.      Affiliate Marketing

It involves someone else in your sale. So, if you want others to do the selling for you, then affiliate marketing should consider. The idea is that someone posts links to your online platform and earns a commission if anything gets sold there through their links. It brings more traffic and exposure, which is also a great strategy for small businesses looking for growth.

4.      Emphasize the benefits not the features

Suppose there’s something that all good salespeople have in common, their belief in their product. They always believe that they are truly unique and offer something different from the competition. If this isn’t something you’ve installed in your business yet, now is the time to do it.

One thing that can help sell your product is your understanding of it. What are the real benefits, what problems are you solving, why does that matter to buyers, why would they listen or even care? You will have to know each little aspect, including the problems that it solves, how it works, and especially the results that the client will get when they buy it.

5.      Basic Sales Tactics Sell with emotion

People purchase things to make their lives easier whether as a consumer or in business. You could say all buying decisions use emotions, not always with logic. A good salesperson knows how to use both to make a sale, but they always lean towards selling by feeling. Teach a customer to feel something not just know about it.

Instead of focusing on what people should do, focus on how your product can make them feel. Words like “imagine”, “think about it”, “how would you feel” “in the future”, “what it will look like” etc. That’s why you need to express the benefits constantly. How will their future state be better once they’ve purchased this over all other options? It is something that you need to convey always. Write down every benefit that your product provides so you can refer to it any time you need then as part of your basic sales tactics.

Moreover, you can also join the digital sales institute, and its mission is to empower salespeople with all the selling skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing market.

6.      Communicate, communicate, communicate

There’s nothing worse than a silent sale. Don’t be afraid to let people know what you have and why they should buy it. Then again, please don’t overdo it either. You need the right amount of talking so that your prospects can process information but not too much because then you’ll be seen as annoying. Besides, if people are very interested in what you’re offering, they’ll ask questions without you needing to pry them about it.


Wrapping Up!

Do not overlook the basic sales tactics to improve your sales skills when it comes to implementing your sales strategy. Also, it may be a good idea to let an IT support company will take care of your technology needs, keeping your business website and social channels safe from attacks, be it online or offline.  IT support San Diego is one such company but search around and find one that works for you.

So, these are some basic sales tactics that you can use to increase conversion rates and grow your business faster than ever (not saying it won’t take time). And remember, even if one sales tactic works for someone, it may not work at all for the other person, so consider trying out all of them before deciding on what works best for you!

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