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Lead gen media software is now an important tool in digital selling, Lead generation tools don’t only gather and generate leads. Scoring, qualifying, and nurturing leads helps turn prospects into customers. Keep on reading.

Do you find it challenging for your company to get new leads? If you’re like 34% of modern marketers, it’s one of the most challenging tasks. Perhaps you have tried the most recent ways and strategies, but you are still not achieving the desired outcomes. Let’s explore the world of lead-generating software and tools and discover how to utilize them to enhance your lead generation campaign. Every lead generation effort should have two components: a defined plan for targeting prospective consumers and a method for tracking leads. And the tools necessary to monitor and implement your approach.

Tools for lead generation comprise software meant to aid in capturing leads. It is an automated procedure, allowing you to focus on campaign development rather than manually adding lead data.

What makes a lead generation tool effective?

You need lead gen media software tools that doesn’t include many “tasks.” Your operations should be automated, and no coding should be required on your part. The more intuitive and user-friendly it is, the better. It is not to argue that some of the best lead-generating technologies will not have a learning curve. When choosing to lead generating software, you should check for the following features:


  • Usefulness: How straightforward is it to launch your campaign?
  • Connectivity: Does it connect with your existing marketing tools?
  • Valuations: Can you obtain all you require while remaining within your budget? How do you compare the prices to those of your rivals?
  • Attributes: Does it provide all the frills and conveniences required to simplify lead generation campaigns?
  • Advantages: Will it assist you in meeting your lead generation objectives?


Lead generating software comes in various formats and performs a variety of functions. There are some with more outstanding features in specific areas than others. You must also consider pricing and choose the appropriate instrument for your budget. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve a balance to receive the maximum number of advantages without exceeding your marketing budget.

For lead generation, you may utilize various lead generation systems. Listed below are several:

  • Inbound lead generation tools that aid in attracting leads to a website
  • Outbound lead generation tools that aid in locating and communicating with leads by email, phone, social media, etc.
  • On-page lead generation tools that aid in capturing leads via a website (lead capture forms)
  • CRO tools to get more leads improve the number of leads that turn into sales-ready leads
  • Marketing management solutions measure performance to improve lead generation efforts and target qualified leads
  • Email marketing solutions create nurturing programs to keep leads engaged and progressing along the buyer’s journey
  • Search marketing solutions help improve site leads by boosting sponsored and organic search traffic.

Which of these lead-gen tools you choose depends on the lead generation campaign you execute. For example, if you are still sending emails to prospects manually, it’s time to update to an email marketing solution. Automation is essential for making lead generation realistic and smooth.


Top 4 social media lead gen software or tools

Let us review some social media lead gen software or tools.

Everyone is familiar with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but in 2019, let’s look at the applications that might bring your social lead generation strategy into the present. According to the 2018 Lead Council research, 66.7 per cent of lead buyers and sellers rank social media among their top three sources for lead performance in terms of quality and scalability. Clearly, with such figures, the business of lead generation in B2B sales is going towards social media. Everyone knows how to use the top four social media sites for lead generation, but as video becomes more ubiquitous (estimated 80% of all internet traffic and 66% more qualified leads each year), additional platforms are gaining significant traction.

1.   Snapchat

It was anticipated that Snapchat lead generation would emerge, and now it has. For those people who have been living under a digital rock for the past several years, Snapchat is a well-known messaging application for its photo filters. There are also Stories inside the program, which enable you to publish photographs or videos visible to all of your Snapchat pals for 24 hours.

With Snap Ads, it is possible to reach out to new users. With a simple swipe, they may direct customers to your website or app. Remember those tales from the past. When consumers view the stories of their friends, advertisers may place advertising between each video. Using Snapchat, you may use your stories for advertising gated content or a newsletter subscription to your followers. You may also utilize custom filters and augmented reality (AR) glasses for advertising, but you may require a skilled designer to use them.

The most beneficial aspect of Snapchat advertising is its targeting. With over 188 million daily users, the app’s user base is quite enticing from an advertising perspective. You may target various Snapchat users based on their interests, activities, demographics, and geographical location. Additionally, remarketing strategies and lookalike audiences are available.

In addition to generating leads, Snapchat may be a terrific method to interact with leads and nurture them more personally. Snapchat stories may serve as a means of communicating with all of your followers. You may use them for announcements, contests, or even a live Q&A or demonstration. In addition to tales, users might send you direct messages; this is a means to create a connection with clients and prospects.

2.   TikTok

TikTok is presently comparable to the newest, most desirable Christmas gift. It is ubiquitous. The app’s user base and popularity have surged in the past several months, and it is genuinely picking up where Vine left off. What is it, you may inquire? TikTok is a website where you may post a 15-second video of yourself lip-syncing or responding to something. What relevance does this have to lead generation? As said previously, video is growing in popularity, and TikTok is a new venue for it that people like utilizing.

Even while the current user base predominantly comprises younger people (41 percent of users are between the ages of 16 and 24), it does not mean that older people will not be utilizing this shortly. Snapchat and Instagram initially had younger users, but today many grandmothers use them, including my grandmother. Even though TikTok does not appear to be the appropriate target market at this time, it is still prudent to keep a watch on it in case other demographics decide to download it.

In addition to its popularity, advertising has lately been included. Since advertisements have been implemented, they will only play when the app is activated. However, with over one billion downloads, the advertisements are seen by many people. Due to the novelty of advertising on the platform, there will likely be further ad implementations over time. Here is information on how to go live on TikTok.

3.   Twitch

Live streaming is another digital selling trend growing in popularity; you can even go live on Facebook and Instagram. Nevertheless, the leader in live streaming is the Amazon-owned video game streaming site Twitch. Now, before you close this tab because I said “video game,” hear me out. Twitch is used for far more than simply video games; users broadcast everything from making artwork to phoning fraudsters for fun, culinary programs, musical performances, and virtually anything else that falls within what may be live-streamed.

In terms of advertising and lead generation, Twitch has an average daily viewership of over 15 million that is both highly targeted and engaged. Currently, 81.5% of these users are male, even though more women are using the site, so this may be a gold mine if you’re looking for male-specific leads. On Twitch, essential advertising is straightforward. Both banner advertisements and video ads can direct viewers to your landing sites.


4.   YouTube

YouTube is not a new platform, but as video and live streaming continue to evolve, video lead generation is becoming a requirement. This is especially true because YouTube is the second most popular search engine, after Google. This is because videos are entertaining and educational, and people prefer to observe how something works rather than read about it. If you already own a Google Ads account, advertising on YouTube is straightforward. Since Google owns YouTube, you can create ads and target audiences directly from Google Ads!

You can put a CTA that links to your landing page anywhere in your video if you have your own YouTube channel, and you can even instruct viewers to click it! If you currently produce blogs, webinars, or other material forms, you can quickly convert them into videos to increase their reach. Videos are highly beneficial for SEO, so start filming! If you do not have somebody who can produce movies, a video slideshow with text will suffice, or you may pay someone on Fiverr to create a video for you.

Although it is wonderful to dive into these new social media networks, the platform must meet your use case. Many of these sites have a younger audience, so if you are targeting grandmothers, you may want to continue with the traditional channels for the time being. Nonetheless, for  lead gen media software these audiences are expanding and will likely bleed into other generations shortly.

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