Our deep experience in the sales training and digital selling sphere makes us uniquely placed to understand the hurdles organizations comes across.

Some of the key challenges our customers experience are, the change for digital focused sales training to help salespeople compete and thrive in the digital economy. To up-skill sales teams to capitalize on the new buyer’s journey. Both pose great sales challenges, but with our support, both are solvable.


Digital Sales Skills Gap

While once confined to the marketing department, social media now impacts the width and breadth of an organization.
As a result, the demand for digitally savvy sales professionals with relevant and up-to-date selling skills is growing to meet buyer’s expectations.
In the pursuit for digital selling skills needed in the digital economy, organizations need to look internally to assess what social selling and digital expertise exists in their workforce.
By identifying skills and knowledge along with the social business, the Digital Sales Institute can develop online sales training courses that addresses the specific needs of an organization.

The Buyers Journey Has Changed

Old interruption based sales and marketing methods are declining in effectiveness.

“12% of all B2B sales in the US will take place online by 2020 – Forrester”

Buyers (B2B and B2C) are leaving digital clues on the social networks, offering someone an opportunity to bond with them. If not you, then who!
The traditional sales funnel, that we are all painfully familiar with, has been turned on its head. The most significant change in our world is that digital connectivity has put power in the hands of the buyers.
Business leaders need to infuse Social into the traditional sales process in order to develop, advance and maintain relationships with today’s buyer.

90% of decision makers say that they never respond to cold outreach – (Harvard Business Review)

All Selling is Social. Always has been. Always will be.

Before Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, before the web in fact, people bought from people in social ways. They asked for advice from friends, they sought recommendations from their network and they wrote customer letters to companies on their opinions about a product or service.
Today, social media is the go to channel. It is now so easy for potential customers to find out anything they want about your products, service (both the good and the bad) and even pricing. The self-educating buyer doesn’t rely on what your marketing material says as there are many places where they can get an unedited take on what it’s like to buy from you.
The challenge for companies is to re-tune their sales and marketing to this new world with sales training.

It is NOT Business as usual

Today’s buyer is digitally-driven, mobile, socially-connected, empowered with unlimited access to real-time information about business problems, products, companies, competitors — about all sorts of things.
Also, buyers don’t have to rely on brands, interruption marketing or companies or salespeople for information, because they can find that freely on the web.

Only 3% of your target market is ready to buy right now- Gartner

So sales and marketing leadership need to help the sales teams to understand that the buying world, the buyer, the buying committee has dramatically changed.  It is social and on the social networks that the modern sales force need to live, to research, sales prospecting, converse, network, relationship-build and can use these channels to earn trust.

Millennials now control over 46% of B2B Buying Decisions