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Accessing free online sales training lessons is a great way to start your learning journey toward improving your sales skills. During your sales career, you will need to learn critical selling skills, including how to attract and engage customers, lead generation, conducting sales calls, identifying opportunities, making sales presentations, handling objections or obstacles, and a range of techniques to close deals.

While our free online sales training is not a comprehensive sales program, it can act as a first step to understanding the key aspects of what it takes to become a more successful salesperson.

It is always worth pointing out that your investment in any sales training program, whether that is in time or cost, must be personal to you. Your sales skills are something that you own, they have come about through learning, experience, hard work, and on-the-job practice. Plus, they will be with you throughout your sales career, a constant skillset you can rely on in good and tough times.

There is an old saying that “education is no burden to carry,” and we all know that education is a process of discovery, learning, and understanding. Well, the same applies to sales skills. We must learn the core and critical skills, so “sales education is no burden to carry.”.  It always surprises me how many salespeople will tell you they know all the basics and all they want to learn is “advanced techniques.”. How many people reading this article will say that they don’t need sales training because they already know most of it?

Quick question (without thinking or reading further): What is an open sales discovery question?

Hopefully you have answered that an open sales discovery question is a question that requires more than a “yes” or “no” answer.

You probably know that discovery-type open questions start with what, where, when, why, how, who, and which. Despite salespeople saying they don’t need training; it is amazing how many buyers report that too many sales conversations involve the salesperson asking closed questions when they should be asking well-thought-out discovery questions so they can understand the buyer’s situation.

And the statistics are there to prove it.

Asking between 11 and 14 discovery questions during the course of a sales call will translate to 74 percent greater potential success. Salespeople who struggle to ask less than five questions can expect a less than 10 percent success rate.

The point here is not just about sales questions; the key takeaway is how understanding the impact of learning a core sales skill can have on your sales success.

Maybe the most important sales skill you can learn is how to learn about selling. Learning, including free online sales training videos, allows you to adapt. Like most things in life, it’s not the smartest who succeeds but the ones who can adapt to a changing environment.

Free Online Sales Training Spacing Effect

Free online sales training lessons, like all online sales training programs, help salespeople successfully learn new sales skills due to what is known in education as “the spacing effect.”.

Research has proven that, as learners, we vastly improve our ability to recall information and concepts if we learn them in multiple, spread-out sessions. In online sales training, we can leverage this effect by using spaced repetition to slowly learn almost any sales skill.

In fact, it works across most educational learning, from words to numbers and skills. It works for anyone with any experience. The spacing effect cuts across disciplines and can be used to learn anything from product features, statistics, or techniques.

In sales training, spaced repetition might not have the adrenaline kick of a one-hour seminar. But the information we learn via spaced-out online sales training lessons can last a lifetime and tends to be effectively retained.

If you want to be a great salesperson, you need to learn, refresh, and improve your sales skills, over and over again.”

As a salesperson who wants to carve out a successful career, you will need to create an ongoing sales training programs for yourself that includes regular practice of all of the sales training basics. Hopefully, these free online sales training lessons will get you motivated to learn more.

As mentioned earlier in the article, you own your sales skills. Don’t wait for someone else to suggest a sales training program, and never wait until your sales results are falling. Regardless of the channel or program, start now and make regular sales training lessons (free or paid) part of your monthly routine. Most of the core, critical, and advanced sales skills can be acquired with less than ten minutes of learning a day.

Business owners and sales managers also need to address how to support their salespeople to learn, refresh, and practice their core sales skills continuously. The reality is that one-off sales training programs or seminars are never enough in themselves. Successful sales training involves regular access to ongoing lessons for salespeople to learn in their own time and at their own pace, with them taking responsibility for their own sales skill’s improvement. Click here for FREESales Training Tips

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