Free Sales Training As A Learning Journey


Free sales training can be a step in the right direction for those of you who may be new to sales. Selling is changing rapidly, and having a longer term career as a salesperson now depends on having a far wider range of value added sales skills than even five years ago. Developing and applying the wide range of sales skills needed in today’s complex sales environment can be challenging.

We know that in today’s highly competitive landscape, salespeople face constant challenges in getting customers attention and having meaningful conversations, not to mention trying to hit those targets. To thrive in a digitally driven sales environment, access to sales training and learning is essential. A training resource worth looking at to help improve your sales abilities is free sales training. In this article, we will explore the use of free sales training and how it can help salespeople in their learning journey.

Three Sales Challenges

Today, in the information age, selling has three major. The first sales challenge is building new and deeper customer relationships. Salespeople who can quickly build rapport with new prospects have a much greater chance of achieving success in sales. The second major challenge is transforming relationships from the “introduction” level to the “why listen” and “why care” levels. Once real conversations are established, you, as the salesperson, are in a stronger position to begin the “Why Change” sales conversations. The third major sales challenge is managing the buying group or multiple contacts. Successful salespeople must manage many different relationships and situations. You must develop the skills to manage different strategies or tactics that focus on both the individual contact and key members of any decision group.

Sales Today demand We Build Trust

Trust is becoming a dominant factor in sales. Educated and well-informed customers now shift their focus from the product being sold to the salesperson who sells the product. The customer is always thinking, “Can I trust this salesperson to take the time to understand or identify my problem. Can they offer me one or more solutions that are credible?” Customers today do not usually separate the product from the person selling it. They want to do business with salespeople who display empathy, understanding, openness, competence, and trust.

What is free sales training?

Free sales training refers to videos, blog articles, and other content that salespeople can access for zero cost. These resources are a great way to learn more about selling tactics, modern sales skills, and the latest thinking on sales techniques. They can be found through various channels, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and even within free sales training lessons on the web.

The training material covers a broad range of sales topics, from basic sales techniques to advanced selling strategies. Any salesperson should be able to find topics that match their specific needs and skill areas. This could be inbound sales, cold calling, objection handling, social selling, negotiation skills, or the soft sales skills that are now highly valued. The range of content available online means that salespeople can acquire a sought after skill set.

Every salesperson should have an ongoing goal of developing sales skills that add value to every sale and every conversation.

 Benefits of Free Sales Training

The biggest benefit of free sales training is that it is widely available and mostly updated to reflect the latest trends or selling insights. It allows any salesperson from all backgrounds and experience levels to access videos, articles, and other resources. While it mostly benefits newer salespeople, free sales training can also add knowledge to more experienced salespeople.

It may sound obvious, but free sales training doesn’t require any payment. While the content may not cover an entire sales course or program, it is still valuable as a means to gauge whether a more structured training offering would be worth considering. Also, it appeals to a small business owner or student who may have a limited budget to learn about selling. You can access some great content to increase sales knowledge and learn what skills are now in demand to sell successfully.

A Learning Pathway: There is a war of attention to get customers to notice or engage with salespeople. Value propositions, discovery questions, sales techniques, sales conversations, and sales negotiations are a moveable feast. The reality is that sales, as in real sales, requires salespeople to learn new techniques, tactics, and strategies to compete. Free sales training enables you to dip in and learn about the latest insights and sales practices. It allows you to sample sales training and decide which of the sales skills you may need to dig deeper into.

Online Learning that Works for You: Nearly all of the free sales training is online. This means you can access it at a time or place that works for you. Whether that is a sales video, webinar, blog, whitepaper, or news article,. This wide diversity of accessible training content allows you to choose the channel or format that suits your learning time and schedule.

Latest Thinking From Experts: Because sales training content can be easily updated and made available online, salespeople can have access to the latest thinking on sales. Look out for free sales training content that is offered by industry experts and thought leaders. This means you can learn and acquire selling skills from expertly researched content from people who understand the demands of selling today. Quick and insightful learning from these sources can provide you with some valuable perspectives and reflections on your own path.

Increased Sales Confidence: When you take the time to learn and improve the various sales skills needed today, this learning pathway leads to a more confident and valued salesperson. The investment to learn and grow not only impacts your role positively but also your entire sales career.

Selling success is both who you are as a person and what you know. A salesperson’s mindset and values contribute to sales success when combined with the right techniques or strategies

Where to Find Free Sales Training

Online: As mentioned previously, there are video sites such as YouTube channels or Vimeo, websites, online news channels, etc. where lots of free sales training materials can be viewed. Websites like The Digital Sales Institute offer a lot of free content. Also, some industry associations provide free sales training materials to their members. These resources are often specific to that particular selling environment.

Library: Even in the digital era, reading some books on sales is always worth considering. You could borrow books from a library or buy them at a bookstore. Some training providers offer free webinars and workshops, these events can provide some useful learning opportunities.

Wrap Up.

Hopefully, now you accept that the modern sales landscape is dynamic, with tactics and strategies evolving all the time. You want sales training resources that are updated regularly to reflect the latest insights, in-demand sales skills, and tools.

Free sales training is a valuable resource that empowers sales professionals to enhance their skills, stay competitive, and achieve their sales goals. With a diverse range of accessible resources available online and through various channels, there’s no reason not to take advantage of these opportunities for personal and professional growth. So, whether you’re a seasoned sales veteran or just starting your career, embrace the power of free sales training and watch your success soar.sales-training-courses

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