View Your Followers on LinkedIn for Lead Generation

When using LinkedIn for lead generation and buyer engagement using social selling, one area often overlooked by sales people and indeed companies is the number of LinkedIn followers. A feature of LinkedIn is that it allows any member to follow any other person’s posts. And as they do not have to be a connection to follow you, this could be an indicator that they have some interest in the topics you are sharing.


These followers can potentially be a source of connections (to extend your network), maybe influencers or even buyers (most B2B buyers start out their purchasing journey self educating via articles etc. on social networks)

As part of any sales persons, daily social selling routine, apart from looking at your profile views, I suggest you also review your LinkedIn followers.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at who is following you.

When on your LinkedIn homepage, under your Name and headline pitch (maximizing your profile is another article in itself), click on “Your recent activity.”

You should now be viewing your LinkedIn dashboard which includes “Recent Activity,” “Published,” “Drafts,” and “Followers” tabs


As a quick recap on the tabs, “Recent Activity” includes your likes, posts, and comments you have made. You can also view who has commented on and liked your activity (potentially another source of connections and leads). You can also view the “likes, comments, shares” from other people interacting with your LinkedIn activity.

The “Published” tab will show you all of your published posts on LinkedIn pulse. Published posts are the original articles you have created and published.

The “Drafts” section contains your drafted posts.

The “Followers” section are LinkedIn members who are following you and your published posts. Now Click “on followers to view people who follow you. At the top, you can see a snapshot segmented by Seniority, Industries and Regions


Hover your mouse over Seniority numbers will give you quick overview of your follower’s titles such as Director, Manager or VP.

The Industries overview will show you which top line industries the people who are following your content are from. They could be from a whole range of industries such as Marketing and Advertising, Management Consulting, Staffing and Recruiting, Internet, Financial Services etc. When it comes to LinkedIn Lead Generation, the industry your followers are from can be a good indicator if your content and conversation engagement is attracting the right buyer/influencer profile.

The Regions section helps you understand the location of where your followers are from. This information is matched to a LinkedIn member’s profile. Again, this is a very useful feature for geo targeting and social reach by location.

These three segments can provide you with valuable insight data that should be used as part of your social activity and posts. If your Ideal Customer Profile is a B2B buyer in the Computer Software industry with a VP title located in Greater New York City area, then as you create and publish LinkedIn pulse posts you can monitor the reach to see if the content is attracting the right followers. Access to this information should serve to help you amend, change or target different content themes and conversations to attract the buyer profiles you want to attract.

Every day, spend 10 minutes scrolling down through your followers, which of them are 2nd degree connections that you may want to connect with (writing a LinkedIn message request is also a skill you should practice) or are industry influencers who can help spread your social network reach and utilize LinkedIn Lead Generation.

So, as part of your daily social selling routine, check the notification icon for profile views plus check your followers and the top line segments for better LinkedIn lead generation engagement.

Happy LinkedIn Social Selling from The Digital Sales Institute

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