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Learn social selling. The Digital Sales Institute will help train you in all aspects of social selling and digital selling strategies.  Because when it comes to your sales efforts, tell me if this sounds familiar.  You constantly need more sales prospects to engage with, and spend hours trying to find them. Your cold calling has limited, even zero success. Inbound leads only get you so far, so  everyday you search the social networks to find leads to fill your pipeline. Maybe you are frustrated with the results of your social activity. maybe your efforts are not getting results you expected or you are paying too much for a sales lead using Google etc.

You see, The buyers journey has changed. B2B BUYERS have adopted consumer-like behavior. They now conduct product research online, they self discover, seek out information via the social channels, and often make purchasing decisions without any sales rep’s involvement. Those customers who engage with sales agents are already 57 percent of the way through the buying process before their first contact. The reality is that the influence of social media on buyers has fundamentally changed the way sales people engage with customers. The way we sell has changed dramatically in the past few years and our selling skills need to reflect with pivot in the sales process.


Social media is no longer the exclusive domain of marketers. It’s not about pushing out sales messages. It’s about social conversations. It’s about looking for signals and sales triggers, connecting and engaging with people.
With over 2.4 billion social media users covering business and consumer, you need to be where the fish are swimming. Did you know that 75% of B2B buyers now use social media to research vendors. While a Harvard study showed that 90% of decision makers say that they never respond to cold calling.

To learn social selling could be the closest you can get to being a fly on the office wall of your prospects. Learn to find out Where they hang out digitally. What language do they use. How socially active are your prospects. What external content do they share or engage with. There is a glittering treasure trove of social data ready to be used if you know how to tap into it.  Social selling can help in many areas of the sales process, from connecting to influencers, building brand and company credibility, displaying thought leadership, buyer engagement, lead generation and playing its part in a sales transformation strategy for a business  to become a social business.

Let the Digital Sales Institute show you the skills to successfully learn social selling for improved sales success. Now is the time to transform your sales skills for the digital age.


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