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Free Sales Training Online Lesson

Brian May 15, 2019

Complimentary free sales training online lesson from The Digital Sales Institute. This shorten sales training video is an excerpt from our “Sales Skills 101” online sales training program.

Steps in the sales process

A free sales training online tip is to create your own sales process. The sales process is the set of steps a salesperson will follow to (a) move a customer along the sales funnel and (b) ensure you get commitments that a need exists for you to continue investing time with that customer. The sales process begins long before you make contact with a prospect and often continues long after the sale is finalized.

Selling adds usefulness to products. Skilled salespeople aid in developing usefulness for their products by creating customer desire. They may attempt to sell not only the core product but also upgrades to go with it, for instance. They can communicate FAB, features, advantages and benefits for their product or service.

A comprehensive sales process encompasses all the major customer interactions from prospecting, nurturing, presenting value, proposals to closing the sale.

A well-defined sales process allows you to:

  • Better understand every step in your sales process
  • Develop more effective sales and marketing strategies
  • Move buyers quicker along the buying process
  • Ensure you get Yes commitments to keep the sale moving forward



Regardless of who triggered the sales process, the selling activity is made up of two core activities – Conversations and Commitments.

During the sales process, the seller will engage the buyer in a series of planned conversations to convince the buyer that their solution will solve a need or issue that the buyer has. It also entails the seller getting the buyer to make a series of commitments during each conversation to ensure that the sales process is making progress towards a final decision.

Free sales training online- The Buyer Roadblocks

Understanding the Sales Cycle

When sales activity is broken into steps, a business can gather information on where customers enter or leave the buying journey. The success of each step becomes more clear, plus what actions or commitments must happen in each step. Crucially, the business or salesperson can identify the point in which a sale tends to fall through in the cycle. By constantly reviewing which steps in the sales cycle lead to a sales and which steps when skipped don’t, a business can finetune their methods and sales training to improve conversion rates.

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