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Free Sales Training Online Lesson

Brian May 15, 2019

Complimentary free sales training online lesson from The Digital Sales Institute. This shorten sales training video is an excerpt from our “Sales Skills 101” online sales training program.

Steps in the sales process


The sales process is the set of steps a salesperson will follow to (a) move a customer along the sales funnel and (b) ensure you get commitments that a need exists for you to continue investing time with that customer. The sales process begins long before you make contact with a prospect and often continues long after the sale is finalized.

A comprehensive sales process encompasses all the major customer interactions from prospecting, nurturing, presenting value, proposals to closing the sale.

A well-defined sales process allows you to:

  • Better understand every step in your sales process
  • Develop more effective sales and marketing strategies
  • Move buyers quicker along the buying process
  • Ensure you get Yes commitments to keep the sale moving forward



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