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Brian November 10, 2020

Sales Skills 101: Sales Training Program.

Develop the sales skills, competencies, and mindset of a high-performing salesperson.

Our sales skills 101 online sales training program offers more than just the basic sales training fundamentals.

The program includes a complete professionally developed sales training curriculum, with over 23 video lessons supported by over 100 pages of downloadable lessons, tips, and templates.  It has been designed to help you discover modern selling techniques, engage with prospects or customers, and understand your buyer’s motivations. Plus, we cover the buyer whys, what experiences buyers expect today, and how to build your sales knowledge for working with any customer type to sell successfully.

What you will achieve.

By the end of the sales skills  sales training program, you will…

Acquire a higher level of complete sales skills. 

Adopt a new approach to sales to reflect changes in the buyer’s journey.

Develop personalized sales skills in order to manage a more demanding buyer.

Have a full understanding of buyers pain, and gain as it relates to your product.

Bring insights to motivate buyer’s to change.

Understand how to overcome internal roadblocks.

Be better prepared to manage the entire sales process.

Be better prepared to move sales forward.

Solve problems and reduce risk.

Develop an understanding of your sales mindset.

Develop a higher level of self-motivation through your sales habit loop.




Effective sales persuasion is a process which involves negotiating and learning through which the salesperson leads the customer to a problem’s shared solution. It incorporates sales discovery, presentation or content preparation, communication and conversations. It is about testing and revising ideas in concert with the customers concerns and needs.
The principal purpose of persuasion can be defined as being able to influence or change a customers attitudes, beliefs or values towards a situation/challenge, so that these will merge and finally equal the salespersons proposals.

Note: A customers attitudes change is based on how they perceives the communication and the
communicator aka the salesperson.

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