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Soft Skills Sales Preview

Brian April 29, 2021

Soft Skills Sales Preview.

Welcome to this sample lesson on soft skills sales preview.

Soft sales skills are broadly classified as a combination of personality traits, habits, behaviors, and social attitudes that allow a salesperson to communicate effectively, collaborate, and successfully manage their tasks. Salespeople with good soft skills tend to have strong situational awareness and emotional intelligence to navigate difficult sales environments while still producing positive results.

Another benefit of soft sales skills in a sales role is that they help people adapt to changing circumstances. Being able to communicate with customers effectively during a time of uncertainty or collaborate with others when solutions aren’t immediately obvious is hugely important.

In this soft skills sales preview training video, we talk about the soft skills for sales and why they are important. We also give you an overview of the sales training program.


The Importance of soft sales skills

Sales professionals that excel at the soft skills, according to a study by Development Economics, outperform their competitors by more than 30% and outperform them in areas such as close ratio, size of sales, and customer retention. Success in today’s marketplace is all about soft skills.

Formal qualifications and technical skills are only part of the requirements for the modern sales professional. ‘Soft skills’ and personal attributes are just as important to success.

 To handle interpersonal relations

To take appropriate decisions

To communicate effectively

To navigate the sales environment

To make good impressions and impact

To gain professional development

To compliment hard skills

Building relationships based on empathy

To demonstrate intellectual curiosity

To be comfortable with new experiences

To demonstrate flexibility when things change

For salespeople everywhere, these are unprecedented times. These are also challenging times due to remote work and hard-to-reach buyers. There is no doubt, but these are strange times to be in sales as the landscape has changed completely. But most of all, these are times of profound change in sales and in selling generally. And this change is affecting everyone—you, your customers, and your prospects.

What we are trying to convey in this soft skills sales preview is that most salespeople have the technical knowledge, the hard skills sales training, the product knowledge, the sales pitch experience, and the functional skills to work through the entire sales process. They may also have mastered the tasks and activities required to reach their revenue targets.

However, the reality is that for a longer-term career in sales, there is something we all need to succeed at. No matter how advanced your technical and hard selling skills are, salespeople today need soft skills, too. Because what the modern buyer expects from salespeople is largely linked to emotional intelligence, communication, and critical thinking,.

Soft skills in sales are about staying in contact with clients more frequently, educating them, and not selling to them. Listening to them, not telling them. Do what it takes to be perceived as a visible expert—a respected subject matter expert and trusted advisor.

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Soft Sales Skills

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