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The Digital Sales Institute Sales Skills 101

Brian November 10, 2020

Develop the sales skills, competencies, and mindset of a high-performing salesperson.

Our sales skills 101 training program offers more than just the sales training fundamentals, our series of videos supported with downloadable lessons and templates will help you to discover the value of understanding your buyer’s motivations, the buyer whys and build your knowledge for working with any customer type to sell successfully.

What you will achieve

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to…

Adopt a new approach towards sales to reflect changes in the buyers journey
Develop personalized sales skills in order to manage a more demanding buyer
Have a full understanding of buyers pain and gain as it relates to your product
Bring insights to motivate buyer’s to change
Understand how to overcome internal roadblocks
Be better prepared to manage the entire sales process
Be better prepared to move sales forward
Solve problems and reduce risk
Develop an understanding of your sales mindset
Develop a higher level of self-motivation through your sales habit loop