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Our online courses for sales training will help all sales professionals and business owners to create effective sales pitches using a proven sales methodologies.
Online courses that will give you an effective selling process that gives you the skills, confidence, and techniques to makes selling much more rewarding.
Sales lesson to help you:
• Close more sales
• Implement a repeatable sales process
• Speak confidently in front of buyers
• Master all the sale stages
• Build value propositions that open up opportunities



Sales Training Courses Get learning today and quickly build impactful sales skills that will drive your sales performance. Earn a certificate of Completion with each Training Program Completed.


Sales Skills 101

Sales Skills 101 Training is the complete online sales training program to learn all the core selling skills. Refresh and update your sales knowledge. Over 30 sales training videos plus e-book downloads.  


Soft Sales Skills

Learn all the soft sales skills to communicate, persuade, and sell more effectively. Access lessons on empathy, emotional intelligence, active listening, resilience, time management, etc. Includes an e-book and templates.


Digital Selling

This course is designed to help you blend digital and social selling techniques into your sales process. Acquire more prospects, reduce lead times, nurture customers, and identify opportunities.


Social Selling

In this online social selling course, you will learn the 6C’s of social selling, including . how to extend your social reach, build your social brand, and engage more customers via social media such as LinkedIn.


Sales Prospecting

Learn the selling skills needed for successful sales prospecting. An online sales training course on how to research, call, email, engage, qualify, and convert potential customers into paying clients.


Objection Handling

Learn how to master all the techniques of objection handling. The skills to truly set yourself apart when addressing buyer concerns or objections.

All successful sales professionals use a selling process that matches the buyers journey and expectations along the way.This
selling process guides them through the sales stages and towards the close. The Digital Institute series of online courses for sales training will map out all the stages and provide the various techniques to achieve any sales objective before moving on to the next stage. By mastering all steps in the sales process allows you to focus on using your own words, blend in your sales knowledge, and adapt your sales communication for all types of prospects in all markets and industries.


Learn and acquire the knowledge from our online courses that will put the selling process as your foundation for all your sales interactions.
Mix in all the sales skills that you currently have, and all the new ones that you are now going to learn, to make you an even more effective sales professional.
Our sales training lessons are not just some classroom techniques that only work in role plays and scenarios. Master the skills and techniques that together form the sales process.
Online sales training which is tried and tested in real sales situations with real customers. Professional salespeople across the world have done exactly what you are doing now. They have invested their time into these online courses for sales training and are now using the skills and techniques everyday to boost sales performance.


How to use sales scripts

Sales scripts are a valuable tool that can help salespeople have meaningful conversations with customers or prospects. In order to create effective call scripts, you

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