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Sales Prospecting Training Program

Learn the selling skills need for successful sales prospecting. An online sales training course on how to research, engage, qualify and convert potential customers into paying clients.

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Sales Skills 101

Sales Skills 101 Training- the complete online sales training course to learn new selling skills or to refresh and update your sales knowledge.

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Social Selling Training Courses

Social selling training. Learn to extend your social reach, build your brand and engage customers via social media.

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Online Courses- Sales Training

Your investment in any sales training program or course, whether that is in time or cost, must be personal to you. Your sales career and selling skills are something that you own. They have come about through your learning, experience, hard work and on-the-job practice. The sales skills you learn will be with you throughout your sales career, a constant skillset you can rely on in to exceed at your profession.

There is a saying that “education is no burden to carry”, and we all know that education is a process of discovery, learning and understanding. Well, the same applies to learning or refreshing sales skills. Every  sales professional must learn the core and critical skills, so “sales education is no burden to carry”.

Sales Training Spacing Effect

The Digital Sales Institute online sales training programs help salespeople to successfully learn new sales skills due to what is known in education as “the spacing effect”.

Research has proven that as learners, we vastly improve our ability to recall information and concepts if we learn them in multiple, spread-out sessions. In our online sales training, you can leverage this effect by using spaced repetition to slowly learn almost any sales skill.

Online sales training, spaced repetition might not have the adrenaline kick of a one-hour seminar. But the information you will learn via spaced out online sales training programs will last a lifetime and to be retained for use in real life selling situations.