Paraphrasing Tools for Digital Marketers and Bloggers


Paraphrasing tools are what  digital marketers and bloggers often come across when writing unique content. In order to paraphrase properly, you need a deep understanding of the topic at hand, and a strong grasp of vocabulary and grammar.

One other way to paraphrase any type of content is by using paraphrasing tools available online. These tools allow you to quickly transform any old text into a new one that you can use on your blog or website to avoid plagiarism.

In this article, we are going to share with you five of the best paraphrasing tools that digital marketers and general content writers just love. With these tools, you will be able to save plenty of the time, energy, and money that you spend on outsourcing writing for your platforms.

Here are 5 best paraphrasing tools that you need to check out right now if you are struggling with writing unique content for your blog or website



This is among the best AI paraphrasing tools for several reasons. It has a very friendly user interface and the capacity to paraphrase about 1000 words at a time.

We have picked this tool for its ad-free and free-of-charge service and various useful features like fast paraphrasing, foolproof security, and multiple language support.

This paraphrasing tool can help you with various writing-related tasks such as text summarization, citation generation, and grammar or plagiarism checking.

If you give this tool a go, we are certain you will find it very easy to write unique and authentic content in the least amount of time.

Key Features

  • Finds and removes mistakes in the grammatical structure
  • Offers error-free AI-based content generation
  • Can paraphrase in two modes i.e., Text Improver and Near Human
  • Can change the tone, style, and structure of sentences
  • Allows you to perform paraphrasing unlimited times for free



This Paraphrase tool offers features like 5000 characters paraphrasing capacity, a text copying button, near-human readability, and a very interactive user interface.

This useful tool can help you detect and remove plagiarism from any type of text in a matter of a few minutes. Just copy the text from any document and paste it into the designated box and then click on “Fix Plagiarism” and you are good to go.

Most users find this tool effective since it produces content with very high grammatical accuracy and consistency. This paraphrasing tool is equally effective for academic as well as non-academic content which makes it good for students as well.

Key Features

  • Preserves the context of the source text
  • Fixes plagiarism using AI and machine learning
  • Includes a copy button to save paraphrased text quickly
  • Free paraphrasing tool with 100% accurate output
  • Can paraphrase about 5000 characters simultaneously


This outstanding rephrase tool has myriads of features for you to exploit. You get the freedom to keep or change the sentence structure, choose the paraphrasing level, and add custom synonyms which leads to a more unique output.

This tool can handle about 1500 words easily and it shows the character count of any text that you paraphrase. This tool allows bloggers and digital markets to insert keywords into the text with extreme accuracy and in the most natural manner.

Near-human readability, fast paraphrasing, and a strict security policy are just some of the many things that separate this tool apart from the crowd.

Key Features

  • Allows for manual checking and editing of the text
  • Offers a reset button to delete the input and output text
  • Can convert about 1500 words into unique text in a few minutes
  • Shows keywords density in your text
  • Can paraphrase your text in high, low, and medium level


This Rephrase tool stands out for its sleek UI, ease of use, and the ability to paraphrase selective text as well as entire files. This tool can generate three different versions of the same text for you to use on your site.

This tool replaces every word with its suitable synonyms and makes sure the output is relevant to the main idea of the source material. This tool can quickly rewrite any type of text while maintaining grammatical accuracy.

If you struggle with plagiarism often and you cannot find some reasonable tool to fix that problem, we urge you to give this platform a chance for better results.

Key Features

  • Replaces words with the most appropriate synonyms
  • Shows original and paraphrased text on the same window
  • Features an upload button to paraphrase large files at once
  • 100% free tool that requires no signing in or registration
  • Uses AI to produce relevant, accurate, and unique content


This tool has been found to be effective for rewriting essays, paragraphs, SEO articles, and virtually any other type of text you can think of. This tool has a very simple and friendly UI that is designed for user convenience.

There is a detailed guide about how to use this tool on its main page which helps make the process less time-consuming. This tool not only offers quick navigation and fast loading speed, but it is also exceptionally fast at paraphrasing.

With this tool, you can paraphrase thousands of words and characters while adding the target keywords in the most natural manner which is great for SEO.

Key Features

  • No complicated steps are involved while paraphrasing
  • Improves your writing skills by helping you learn new words and phrases
  • Offers several languages for input and output text
  • The user interface of the tool is well-designed
  • Can paraphrase academic essays, research papers, etc., as well

Final Thoughts

So, now you know what some of the best paraphrasing tools are to write your website, blog articles or sales tactics. We have given you all the details about each of these tools with the main features mentioned separately so that you can make the best possible choice.

We urge you once again to stop looking for paraphrasing tools randomly and choose from the above list for the best experience. We really hope you find this information useful and we wish you the very best in writing SEO-friendly content for your website or blog.


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