Sales Prospecting Tips Video

Sales Prospecting Tips Video

Welcome to this sales prospecting tips video we created to help improve your sales training.

Today’s best sales people use social media to support their sales prospecting and buyer engagement efforts, they understand that the modern approach to sales is to help customers consider not just what to buy but how. Key tactics they use: mapping the journey, identifying barriers, designing prescriptions, and tracking progress.

But they also share two overarching characteristics: First, they avoid focusing on getting customers to buy from them and instead concentrate on how customers make purchase decisions. Second, they tightly align their sales efforts to support the customer journey from start to finish. As a result, these sales people create consistent and relevant engagements, valuable messaging, and guidance to shape and simplify the purchase journey, drive sales, and ultimately increase customer loyalty.

We know from research that sales success largely depends on routines or what we term “Sales Habit Loop”. Everyone in sales understands that there is only so many time in a day to sell, so the stronger the sales habit loop the more time there is to allocate to high value sales activities such as following up on proposals, securing meetings, sales prospecting or training on new selling skills.


We should always take time out to refresh and update our sales routines. If we rely on the same sales prospecting methods and fail to learn newer ways to engage buyers, we will miss out on valuable opportunities and sales triggers that happen everyday. The number of buyers will get on your radar via traditional selling techniques is declining fast. For some buyers, the status quo is just too comfortable to bother changing vendors and would only probably consider switching if some credible source referred them to another supplier. The main failure in getting a buyer to undertake a change management process (yes, getting a buyer to switch is as big as a change management project in their minds) is that they are unaware of the problem in the first place. The challenge is to stand out from the noise so they will engage with you, maybe download some of your content or even take the step to have a sales conversation.

The above sales prospecting tips video is to encourage you to try and add some fresher sales prospecting techniques to your arsenal. We hope you find the tips as inspiration to keep learning new skills and continue your sales training.


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