Sales Prospecting Training Course

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The essence of any sales prospecting training course is for the salesperson to learn how to engage prospects for lead generation and how to extend their influence for future sales opportunities.  When properly executed sales prospecting improves a salespersons ability to research, select and then engage prospects which in turn leads to building valuable relationships. Because without cultivating a relationship, it will be near impossible for any salesperson to understand the prospects business, their pains or what they would stand to gain from using the proposed product or service.




Also, a sales prospecting training course should help the salesperson to adopt the right mindset for this critical part of the sales process. To show how to be comfortable with the mental triggers that sales prospecting can fire up and how to avoid the distractions that can get in the way to learning the sales prospecting habit loop. The outcome is for salespeople to be able to focus on their selected prospects, to get them to listen, to comprehend the prospects challenges and how what they are selling can help the prospects business.


Sales prospecting has been central to the growth of business for over 150 years, much like a prospector from the gold rush days who prospected in search of gold or other valuable minerals. These prospectors became very skilled at identifying locations where they stood the best chance of a return on their efforts, then they applied themselves to shifting, panning and discarding in order to separate out the precious gold or minerals.


Well in the 21st century and in Sales 3.0, much like prospectors seeking gold, sales prospecting is vital to the growth of a business to identify prospects best suited to investing time in and those who fit the ideal customer profile the most.

What is Sales Prospecting?

Well, sales prospecting is the activity conducted by a salesperson to engage potential customers, clients, or buyers in order to develop new revenue streams. The process involves moving the prospects through the sales funnel via a series of planned stages until they convert into paying customers. The main sales activity in sales prospecting is gaining the attention and interest of ideal customer profiles, to have meaningful conversations which motivates the prospect to explore undertaking a change or switch. Simply put, the sales prospecting training course should show the salesperson how to create a prospects interest and then, how to convert that interest into qualified sales meetings.

Sales Prospecting Training Course

The Sales Prospecting Training Course from The Digital Sales Institute will teach the salesperson the entire process of prospecting, from searching for potential buyers in order to develop a new business relationship, to turning interest in solid sales pipeline.

The course, part of our online sales training courses, shows the salesperson in a step by step lesson guide how to how to engage, qualify and move prospects through the sales funnel. Learn how to use sales prospecting to unlock future relationships with relevant customers, how to extend influence and grow the number of prospects interested in listening to a company’s value proposition.


Sales Prospecting Skills

Acquiring and learning how to implement sales prospecting skills via a sales prospecting training course will have a really positive effect on the sales results and career ambitions of any salesperson. No business can rely on channels such as inbound marketing or social selling. Without a constant supply of new customers, any business will have limited potential for growth. While a certain percentage of sales growth will come from inbound leads or existing customers, it is not sustainable due to customer loss, churn and circumstances. This is why even in today’s digital influenced buying environment; sales prospecting is still one of the most valued sales skills any salesperson can acquire.


The Digital Sales Institute, sales prospecting training course will teach salespeople how all conversations, interactions and sales touch points with prospects have to be geared towards creating specific outcomes, not for themselves but for the prospect. Solution outcomes that make the prospects life easier, their jobs more rewarding and ones that simplify their buyers’ journey.

Sales Prospecting Training

During the sales training course, the salesperson will learn how to nurture and engage a focused group of ideal customer profiles as an essential part of the overall business sales strategy. The sales prospecting training course will show the tips and tricks to getting in early on a potential customers radar, how to build credibility, what it takes to cultivate a meaningful beneficial relationship and how to get the prospects trust that when the time is right, they will decide in favor of the salesperson.


To put how critical outbound sales prospecting is to the overall sales strategy, at any given point, only 3% of a business’s target market are actively seeking to buy with another 6-7 percent are in the consideration stage. Now, this nearly 90% of a business’s target market in the status quo position (cold to or unaware of need to change). The sales prospecting training course will give salespeople the tactics that will trigger a prospect to leave this status quo position and begin a buying journey with the salesperson’s guidance.

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