Sales Prospecting Training To Engage More Buyers and Win Customers




Sales Prospecting Training

Our Sales Prospecting Training will teach you the entire process of searching for potential customers, clients, or buyers in order to develop a new business relationship.

Learn how to engage, qualify and move prospects through the sales funnel until they eventually convert into revenue-generating customers.


Sales Prospecting is the first step in the sales process and the key which unlocks future relationships with paying customers. It is also a critical part of the sales process for increasing the customer base of the company and generating new profitable revenue streams.

Core Steps in Sales Prospecting

Learn the core steps in sales prospecting. The online sales prospecting training course covers:

Formulating Prospect Definitions
Searching Out Potential Accounts
Engaging with Prospects
Qualifying Prospects against Criteria
Determining Needs and Pain Points
Matching Solutions to Prospect’s Needs


Understand how Sales prospecting is now a multi-channel activity covering social selling, emails outreach, cold calling and events. Learn how to share content, send prospecting emails, make effective cold calls and create a compelling value proposition to get prospects to listen to you.

Successful Sales Prospecting

Successful sales prospecting skills will have a really positive effect on your sales results and career ambitions. Without new customers, a business will have limited potential to grow, while some sales growth will come from existing customers, it is not sustainable due to customer loss, churn and circumstances. This is why sales prospecting is one of the most important sales skills any salesperson can learn.


Our sales prospecting training will teach you how all your interactions and sales touch points should be geared towards creating specific outcomes, not for you but for the prospect. Outcomes that make the prospects life easier, their jobs more rewarding and ones that simplify their buyers journey.



Sales Prospecting Strategy

Learn how to nurture and engage a focused group of ideal customer profiles as an essential part of your sales prospecting strategy. Learning to master sales prospecting will take time and skill. The sales prospecting training course will show you how to get in early with a potential customer, build credibility, cultivate a meaningful beneficial relationship and how to get the prospects trust that when the time is right, they will move with you.

At any given point, only 3% of your target market are actively seeking to buy with another 6-7 percent in the consideration stage. This leaves a whopping 90% of your target market in the status quo position. Learn the sales prospecting tactics that will trigger a prospect to leave their comfort status quo position and begin a buying journey with your guidance.