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This article focuses on a sales script example following a well thought template. The purpose of any sales script is to guide and prompt the salesperson when it comes to cold calling, prior making a call or as a guide during the actual sales conversation.

There are many sales call script examples published on the web, some can be hard to follow or implement. In this article we have tried to give a sales script template that is both easy to understand and use in everyday sales activities.

A Sales Script with a Purpose.

 P is for Prepare.

Before a sales call is made, we need to prepare. Ask yourself why will the customer listen to what I have to say, in fact what will I say?

Can you answer the following Prepare questions?

How will my product or solution bring a unique or different benefit to the customer?

What might hold them back or create hesitation in their mind? (so you can determine ahead of time how you can address any objections.)

What value proposition will you use?

What do you know about the contact and company?

What facts and statistics will you use?

Do you have your “get out of jail” statements ready?

  • Get out of jail statements are neutral insights, research or snippets of information that gives the prospect a valid reason to listen to you or as a means to handle objections.

Prepare your sales mindset

It is vital that we all take time to focus on our sales mindset. Ask ourselves – what is my own internal motivation? What goals do I want to achieve? Do we see every sales conversation as a learning opportunity?, to build upon the learning from each experience, good or bad. What did we plan to achieve from each call?

U = Understand

Do you understand how you will get the prospect or customer to care about what you are saying? How will you personalize the sales conversation so they will feel it’s useful to listen and care?

How will you get them to feel that your offering is different or offer them a unique opportunity to solve a problem your preparation has uncovered?

Do you understand their business, challenges and industry?

What insights, data and other information will you share that MATCHES their industry etc.

R = Rapport

“The hardest part in selling, is getting a conversation started in the first place”

Are you ready to build rapport and get them to listen and care?

Your tone of voice:

Your tone of voice is an important method for sales professionals to unlock any doubt in sales conversations. The smile on your face when you speak, and the confident manner of your voice,  not only instills encouragement in them to respond, but there is data that now that suggests our brains work up to 31% more effectively in a positive frame of mind. A positive aura amplified by your voice will increase the chance of getting good honest answers. The closer you get, the more people like you, in fact people are six times more likely to make a deal with someone they like. So, your default voice is that of an expert, a consultant and a confident business person.

Get the customer to feel:

All buying decisions are emotional. They want to feel something as well as know something. One of the edges in successful selling is getting the customer to feel something and tap into their emotions. (I feel that our solutions can make your life easier, to enable your people to work happier and more productive. To reduce the stress in your order process. Do not be afraid to bring some emotions (belief, confidence, value and passion) to your sales conversations and sales script.

P = Purpose

 The contact is asking themselves “why listen” and why care”

Your purpose on every sales call must be clear, compelling, insightful and useful.

What benefits will the customer receive from the call? Your sales script should have strong opening statements and a purpose to why you are contacting them specifically.

 Hi, my name is Brian from ….

Hello, I’m calling you about/to introduce/because …. [opening statement]

Hi, my name is Brian, I want to inform you that …. [opening statement]

Hi, Brian here from …., [opening statement]

O = Open ended discovery questions

 Discovery questions are used to expand a sales conversation from the “why listen” into the “why care” part of a sales conversation. To uncover a challenge, pain points or a problem you can potentially solve. There is no shortcut here, without buyer centric sales discovery questions, you can’t move to the “Why You” or “Why Now” parts of a sales process. If you can’t uncover a need you can realistically fulfill then there no point in continuing a sales conversation.

 A great tip I would like to share when it comes to a discovery question technique is to ask the same question three different ways:

What’s the biggest challenge in ….?

What are you up against in ….?

What causes the most frequent obstacles in ….?”

S = Summarize

Selling is about conversations (rapport and purpose) and commitments. To keep momentum on a sales call, you need to get a series of Yes commitments. You must be able to summarize your understandings by getting a positive Yes from the customer.

In psychology, “Yes” has been identified as one of the most beautiful words in the English language. Yes, lets you build an agreement staircase. We all love to hear the word “Yes”. A “Yes” answer gives us confidence that we are on the right path, the same wavelength as the person we are in a conversation with.


Does that sound fair to you?

It seems like you need to know more about….?

It sounds like…………

I can tell that [name the issue] is important to you?

Do you believe that improving your sales skills will improve your career?

E = Execute

Execute the next steps to keep the opportunity moving forward or when the time is right to close the sale. Be clear on what happens next, who is to be involved, when will it happen etc. If the customer requires a demo, white paper or trial, make sure you clarify expectations and then execute the task(s) on time. Don’t delay or put off any task that will bring the customer closer to you.


We hope you enjoyed these tips and insights into a sales script, you can use the PURPOSE call script in sales prospecting, as a template to build your own scripts and to improve your sales skills. Here is free sales training content to help you keep selling.

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