The Digital Sales Institute

Sales Skills Training for The Digital Era

In the modern sales process, we need to focus on really understanding the “what, why, and when” of the customer needs. 

 In our online sales training programs, you will learn how your sales strategy, sales process and sales activity will have to become more dynamic, multi-channel and digitally driven, just like your customers.

Develop Sales Skills

Acquire and develop a whole range of sales skills to boost your career.

Low Cost

1 low cost payment to access all the online sales training programs for 12 months

Learn 24/7

Improve your selling skills at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

Refresh your Skills

Refresh, learn and update your sales skills in the modern way

Flexible Sales Training

Bite sized, easy to digest sales training videos and training materials.

Accessible Materials

Download online notes, slides etc plus sales training videos that can be replayed.

Updated and Relevant

Online sales training that are up to date. They are constantly revised to deliver the latest insights.

Improve Retention

Our well-crafted sales training has better retention as you have access for 12 months.

The Digital Sales Institute

Improve Your Sales Skills

Our sales skills training will show you that a “lead-with product” sales model just won’t cut it with savvy customers in the digitally influenced buyers’ journey.

Modern salespeople need to deeply understand the customer’s purchase journey and identify the most significant customer challenge at each buying stage to have effective conversations and to gain commitments to progress.

Learn how today’s best salespeople help customers consider not just what to buy but how to buy.

Our online sales training will teach you the sales skills on how to avoid focusing on getting customers to buy from you and instead concentrate on how your customers make purchasing decisions.

The Digital Sales Institute

Enjoy Learning

We teach you how to engage your customers or prospects in sales conversations about their current beliefs and then give you the sales tools to break down their current mental model, show them how it is flawed or incomplete.

Sales skills that allows you to articulate in clear terms why a move the customer deems to be too costly or too painful is less costly or painful than their current position.

With our sales skills training as part of your low-cost Online Sales Training Programs, you can maximize your sales potential in just a few hours.

 So, if you are starting out in sales or seeking to enrich your knowledge of modern selling techniques, then effective sales skills is something you need to master.


The Digital Sales Institute

Comprehensive Online Sales Training

As part of our Online Sales Training Programs, our sales skills training is a comprehensive set of sales training videos that covers all the major sales topics: from planning, account and customer profiling, how to engage a customer or prospect, overcoming obstacles and objections, how match solutions to pain points and closing sales that avoids the lowest price trap. 

All sales lessons include sales videos, slides, quizzes, PDF downloads, templates, real life examples, plus tips and tricks that work.