Effective Sales Technique Tips

Sales technique tips that are effective in helping you raise your selling game. What salesperson couldn’t use an arsenal of sales tips to improve their selling technique?. Selling is a simple endeavor, too many sales coaches try to complicate it with lots of “conventional wisdom”, whereas in reality, most advice will never help you make that sale. After discussing this topic with some of the leading minds in actual sales performance we have produced this concise list of effective sales techniques that really do work.


1. Challenge the Buyers Status Quo.

It is about how you sell, not what you sell, you need to teach prospects something new and valuable. Don’t be afraid to challenge the prospect on their views or ideas. You see, every sales has an end – the prospect will choose either you or your competitor. However the real truth is that those are not the only two end points. There’s another option – no decision, which is chosen all too often by buyers. Studies show that 20 to 60 percent of deals in the pipeline are lost to “no decision” rather than to competitors. It’s only by challenging the status quo that you can get your prospects to see that change – i.e., adopting your solution – is necessary to bring about success.

2. Selling is at its best when it’s about Stories, Not Statistics.

Stories is number 2 in our sales technique tips video, they are effective communication tools. Crafted the right way they can make products more valuable or desirable. Everyone is drawn to stories that make us feel human, feel good, feel understood and feel relevant to our own situation. Similar to the fact that our emotions are more powerful than logic, in sales – anecdotes work better than statistics in convincing potential customers to move forward in the purchase your product or service.

The telling of a story related back to one very satisfied customer can have more influence on a buyer than citing endless statistics from hundreds of clients. Stories have the ability to seize the listener’s attention and create a memorable impact. Psychology has shown that our brains aren’t wired to interpret countless statistics. They are however very good at remembering a person recounting a story that interested them.

3. Focus On Making A Difference.

In modern selling, you need to act like you are your customers’ business partner because your real value to a buyer could the difference you can make to an organization. The purpose of selling today, is to create lasting value for our customers. Another sales technique tip is that selling is not about the product, solution or service that you have to offer,  it is about the difference you can demonstrate that it will make to an organizations business. Modern selling  in the digital era is about building relationships and partnerships, by becoming a resource, and helping to solve on-going problems.
Selling superstars know its really about the lifetime value of a client, so they take a long view of the relationship. It is not just about this sale but future sales, referrals, customer trust and loyalty.

4. Find Your Value Wedge.

Another of our sales technique tips is you must be able to convey what is unique to you and your offering. What is valued or important to the customer, something that is relevant and compelling for them to take action. Focus on what you can do for the prospect that is different from what the competition can do. Remember, your Value Wedge IS your distinct point of view in the eyes of your prospects. Identify your value proposition that communicates real value to the prospect, value they will pay for. Your prospects must perceive you as the perfect fit for them. Focus on your unique strengths that you can make important to the customer by showing them what they are trying to achieve and compels them to take action.

5. The Customer is the Hero.

Always ask yourself, What’s In It For Them. Have I made the benefits of doing business with me stand out. How do you ensure that the prospect feels their needs have been met. You see, today’s buyers want to trust and like the organization they’re dealing with.  The last of our Sales technique tips is that the customer is the one who needs to save the day, not you. Your role is that of an adviser. You are there to help your customers see what has changed in their world. To see how they can adapt and better survive and thrive.

Some sales tips that savvy salespeople will tell you is that the solution is not about the adviser. It must always be focused on the hero (the customer). So we must constantly communicate empathy and authority in our field. When we empathize with our customers’ dilemmas without giving them the big sales pitch, we create a bond of trust. People trust those who take the time to understand them.

So there you have our five sales technique tips for you to ponder. Also why not watch Sales Prospecting Tips Video.

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