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Certified Sales Training Courses

Sales training courses online with over 100 sales training videos, 10 full e-book downloads. Plus, over 500 pages of lesson downloads, including tips and templates. Our expertly researched sales training content will lift your sales performance and power your sales career to new heights.


Online Sales Training

In our online sales training courses, salespeople will learn a whole range of selling skills that can be used as a vehicle for improved sales performance and winning more sales. 

A range of low-cost online sales training courses cover digital selling, social selling, sales prospecting, business development, sales skills 101,  soft sales skills, objection handling, presentation skills, and many more selling skills, with new courses added regularly. 

Constantly updated and relevant online sales training is an essential requirement for every serious sales professional. Our online sales training will ensure you grow as a person and sustain your sales success into the future.

Helping You Succeed in Your Sales Career

The Digital Sales Institute series of online sales training courses are focused on providing excellence in design, transformation learning experiences and quality sales course material.

We have built sales training programs that brings thought leadership for sales professionals around sales tactics, lead generation, sales prospecting, meaningful sales conversations, reducing cost per lead, customer engagement, sales mindset, sales pipeline and revenue.

Our low-cost sales training is now used by 1000’s of salespeople and companies both large and small to bring an untapped source of competitive edge to every sales activity.

Develop Sales Skills

Acquire and develop a whole range of sales skills to boost your career.

Low Cost

1 low cost payment to access all the online sales training programs for 12 months

Learn 24/7

Improve your selling skills at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

Refresh your Skills

Refresh, learn and update your sales skills in the modern way

Flexible Sales Training

Bite sized, easy to digest sales training videos and training materials.

Accessible Materials

Download online notes, slides etc plus sales training videos that can be replayed.

Updated and Relevant

Online sales training that are up to date. They are constantly revised to deliver the latest insights.

Improve Retention

Our well-crafted sales training has better retention as you have access for 12 months.


Learn the Critical Selling Skills to Win More Sales

Access a whole series of sales training videos and materials with just a few clicks. Online sales training courses are the delivery method most favored by learners. We give busy salespeople the freedom to schedule their access for when it suits them to learn.

A range of online sales training courses are available to teach any salesperson the principles of sales and selling techniques that are relevant today.

The modern sales professional is not out to manipulate people into buying
something that doesn’t fit their needs. Buyers are too savvy and knowledgeable.
Essential sales skills.
Customer-focused salespeople are:
Trustworthy and credible
Believe in both themselves and their product
Confident communicators
Share knowledge
Efficient at building and managing relationships
Experts in their market

Selling is a producer’s role, so a great deal of preparation must go into mastering the skills, and the majority of that preparation has to do with preparing yourself.


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