Salesperson Should Never Say

Things a Salesperson Should Never Say

There are just somethings a salesperson should never say. Sales quotes and phrases that could be mistakes in building a relationship with a buyer. Every salesperson has their favorite sales lines they like to utter as various stages in the sales process, most of which are good at progressing the sale or connecting with a customer. However, in this article we have used research and feedback to put together some quotes a salesperson should try to avoid using because as the saying goes, one man’s treasure is another man’s trash.
So here is our list of things a salesperson should try to never say to a buyer or prospective customer.


Do you have a minute or two to talk?.

Please don’t say it, you’re starting off the conversation with a lie or untruth, because there’s no way you’re going to have a sales discussion in 1 or 2 minutes. Don’t make a promise you’re going to break.  A better opening line could be

Hi, We provide [insert product/ service] in order to help people [capitalize on, take advantage of, minimize, maximize, prevent, etc.] [something of importance]. So, I’m calling to see if this could benefit as challenges [you/ your clients] may have encountered.


I really need this deal so I can offer you this discount.

Dropping this line during a sales call will lower your chance of closing the deal by 17%. It makes you look desperate plus it’s also wildly ineffective. Instead of making your value proposition and deal more attractive, you just end up lowering it. Sales and selling is first and foremost about solving the customer’s problems, not your own.


Let me be 100% honest with you.

Ah, the honest line. Not only is saying an overused cliche, it can have the opposite effect from the one you’re intending. If you’re going to be honest now, does that mean you haven’t been completely truthful up until now. This line can be taken out of context, so avoid using even as a bridge to something else.


Olivia, that is perfect. I absolutely understand. Thanks, Olivia.

Using a persons name and the words – “perfect or absolutely” are OK in moderation, but using one or all of them more than four times in a sales call decreases close rates by 6%. It seems perfect and absolutely are interpreted as vanilla words with no deep meaning attached to them.


I usually wouldn’t provide this to anyone but..

The problem with statements like these is that buyers can see right through them, think used car salesperson!. When a prospect hears these words, they tend to put up walls. Is viewed as a weak close technique, and so overused that buyers simply tune out, and close rates drop 22% when used in a sales pitch.



“What keeps you awake at night?

This is a common sales question to avoid. Asking someone what keeps them awake at night is a poor substitute to find out what problems the person or company wants to address.


How could you say No to my offer?

This inspires a buyers worst fears, that you are desperate or have ignored their signals. Studies that show 6 out of 10 prospects end up making no decision at the end of the sales process, evidence that salespeople don’t educate the buyer enough (advice, case studies, cost of change) or they simply aren’t trained well enough to close the deal. Your company’s sales training courses should assist you avoiding this conclusion.


Well, if you go with the competitor you’ll have problems.

The words of a desperate salesperson.Nobody wants to hear that they could make a bad buying choice, however well the argument might be supported.Focusing on the competition is personal pride. Buyers need people who can listen, collaborate, nurture, are reflective and motivated by their success, not personal pride by slagging the competition.


Would you like some time to think about it?

In fact, this can be a powerful question but give it some context. In today’s environment there are numerous decision makers and often it is a committee that will make a final buying decision. So, Instead of asking your prospect if they need time, ask , Are there any other issues or concerns we have not covered sufficiently? How does their company make final buying decisions. Why not view our sales prospecting tips video to give you some more selling insights.

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