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What are the benefits of undertaking a social selling training course and what can a salesperson expect to learn?. The impact of social selling on the sales process is something salespeople and especially sales management can struggle with. Any business in the B2B (and increasingly in the B2C space) can leverage social selling to drive increased customer or prospect engagement. Our social selling training course helps salespeople to master how social is a change agent in the sales process, how it can be used to influence the digital savvy buyer and using social selling to trigger a change management project with customers.


Social selling plan


The adaptation of social selling into the DNA of any sales strategy is vital because relying solely on the more traditional sales methods only leads to diminishing returns. Ask any buyer and they will tell you that blatant, random cold calls are just an unwelcome intrusion in the buyer’s day. To sustain customer acquisition and development, salespeople must become skilled at using digital and social selling techniques as part of their daily sales activity. The reality is that social selling is transforming sales interactions, supporting sales prospecting and contributing to lower cost lead generation.


At the The Digital Sales Institute, our social selling course is ideal for a variety of sales roles, whether in business development, inbound, sales prospecting, customer retention, account managers or even in a sales leadership role. Our course is focused on enriching selling techniques via digital, developing new sales methods to engage customers which leads on to maximizing a sales career.



As we enter the Sales 3.0 era, social selling has become a vital sales tool in any salesperson’s arsenal. As mentioned above, traditional selling methods are now no longer able to sustain sales growth plans, as how buyers interact and source information on vendors has changed forever. To stay successful, every business and salesperson must use digital tools and digital techniques to enhance their sales and prospecting activities. The online social selling course will introduce the salesperson to the most effective social selling tools and techniques to maximize the impact and ROI of their social selling initiatives.

It will also help the course participant to understand how to implement a digital sales transformation within their business. Created with industry experts who successfully use social selling and a leading business school, this professional social selling training course will ensure that salespeople have the tools and skills needed to sell effectively using the social channels and attain higher sales results.

The Social Selling Training Course.

  • Understand the impact of social media on the sales process
  • Learn the 6C’s of Social Selling Success
  • Address the challenges a business faces in the digital landscape
  • Adapt your sale activity to include social and digital

The Buyers’ Journey

  • The digital savvy and self educating buyer
  • Do you really know the buyer whys?
  • Buyer behaviors and their digital journey
  • Find out to be credible, useful and valuable via social
  • Mapping the sales process for the modern buyer

Digital Sales Transformation

  • How digital and social media is changing how we sell
  • What the new sales process and steps looks like
  • What changes digital sales transformation will bring

The Case for using Social Selling

  • Case studies and real social selling ROI
  • How the modern buyer wants to interact
  • The power of content, articles and personalization
  • The power of social reach and influencing buyers thinking
  • Social amplification – using social selling as an additive process to boost sales ROI
  • Social branding to ensure your customer loyalty

The Sales Habit Loop For The Digital Era

  • The new sales habit loop that will drive new behaviors, activity and focus
  • Understand digital selling, how to master it and how to make social work even better
  • Understand the evolving buyer to supplier relationship and plan for digital change


We know that the sales world is changing fast, and the way that buyers are making their purchasing decisions are changing faster than sales is responding.


With millennial’s making up the majority of B2B buyers within five years, there method of procuring products and services is via researching online, they are using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to educate and inform themselves. Now is the time to see how a social selling training course as part of your wider sales training courses  can impact your sales success for improved results.


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