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Online Social Selling Training

This award winning “Social Selling Training” is included in your Online Sales Training Program subscription.

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Online social selling training is now a vital part of any sales training program as traditional sales methods have diminishing returns. Also sales tactics such as cold calling have become an unwelcome intrusion in the buyer’s journey. To sustain business success, sales professionals need to adopt digital selling techniques as part of any efficient sales strategy. Social selling skills are transforming sales, prospecting and lead generation.
The Digital Sales Institute online social selling training course is ideal for a variety of sales professionals, from inbound and outbound consultants and reps, to business development executives, account managers and sales team leaders. If you want to enrich your selling techniques, develop new sales skills and maximize your career potential, this course is ideal for you.

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What the Social Selling Course Covers

Introduction to Social Selling

The introduction module will help you understand what is social selling and why you should use a social selling strategy in your sales process. It answers questions such as; “Who is your customer?” “What is their need?” and “How will you deliver on their need?”

Social Credibility

This module covers “How to build your social credibility to allow you to nurture relationships, stay top-of-mind with the purpose of creating “sales time” with buyers at the right time. It is about positioning yourself to have influence and high levels of perceived value with prospects

Social Conversations

The social conversations module shows you how to have valuable conversations with various decision-makers and adapt the company’s value proposition to the unique situation of each buyer

Social Content

The social content module teaches sellers how to execute on a vision for attracting prospects and serving your customers using content. Learn about content stickiness to reach buyers.

Buyer Conversion

The Buyer Conversion module is focused on how you “the seller” learns to resolve any risks which have been identified during each buying stage.  Learn how to close the “conversion gap” using Content and Conversations so prospects leave their status quo position and into the sales pipeline.

Social Selling Tools

The social selling tools module teaches the seller how to collect analyze and interpret data for accurate buyer interaction throughout the buying process is. Learn how to identify predictable patterns of behavior among specific buyer personas

Social Selling Routines

The social selling routines module covers the sales habit loop plus shows sellers how to succeed, thrive, and prosper in social selling; Lessons include consistent approach, process, and social discipline.

Social Selling Strategy

The goal of the Online Social Selling Training Strategy module is to guide managers and future leaders as they transition out of diminishing sales tactics to a digital sales strategy. The lessons will help you to understand the importance of adopting a formal social selling approach to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving sales environment.

Social Selling KPI’s

The Social Selling KPI module covers how a seller needs to be very focused, very targeted with specific goals to gain certain buyer insights as part of their social selling program. Learn how to measure social selling activity and how it performs through the funnel over time

Social Networks Overview

The Social Networks Overview module is constantly updated to bring the seller the latest tips, tricks and recommendations for activity on all the major social networks