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Social Selling Strategy Training Course Information

A social selling strategy and training information for sales leadership considering how to implement social selling and digital selling courses for their business. Focus is on sales strategy. Defining and making the case for digital selling skills and a social selling strategy as a key element of your sales training plans. How social channels can be used as a vehicle for social transformation and integration into the sales strategy.
The training cover how a successful prescriptive social selling strategy and digital selling program would look inside your organization. To some business leaders “Social Selling Training Strategy” can at times seem like an overused buzzword. The proof is here that it can provide an enterprise with tremendous value but, without the right perspective, enterprises can find themselves adopting it prematurely or not sufficiently preparing themselves for the demands of a social selling program. These sales training courses helps identify your company’s readiness.

What the Course Covers

Defining and making the case for Social Selling

This strategy module covers why the most significant change in the world of sales is that digital connectivity has put power in the hands of the buyers. Instead of being passively influenced by marketing and sales, they actively search, research and compare.
Learn why social media is no longer the exclusive domain of marketers. Why today selling is not about pushing messaging. It’s about conversations. It’s about connecting and engaging. It needs to be integrated into the very DNA of your business.

Why Social Sell

The “Why Social Selling” module explains why this is an evolutionary step forward making the sales process more productive and meaningful.
Explore why social selling is an additive process.
We cover why it is not a replacement for sales but rather as an additive approach, a prescriptive process like another bridge to reach buyers. We get you to ask as a leader, “How do I apply social to every prospect, every deal, every account, and every single day.” Read some social selling tips.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

The sales and marketing alignment module shows why aligning the sales and marketing teams to work together can increase your companies reach and goals in the social media channels.
We review a “closed-loop” system where sales and marketing teams contribute, share, and refine the resources both groups need to produce the best possible results.

Social as a Platform for Change

The social as a platform for change content module challenges sales and marketing leaders to see that the key to digital transformation is re-envisioning and driving change in how the sales and marketing teams along with the company operates.
This module also covers that this is a management and people challenge, not just a technology one

Content Strategy

The content strategy module is focused how business leaders can go about developing the stories that an organisation wants to tell and then the act of creating and publishing usable content that supports both marketing and sales (social selling, lead generation, lead nurturing and closing).
Included is why content should be viewed as a business asset.

Social Collaboration

The social collaboration module explores that to succeed at social selling requires leadership to foster a cross-functional collaboration between sales, sales leadership, marketing, sales enablement and sales training.
The future of communicating with customers rests in engaging with them through every possible channel.

Social Selling Measurement

A social selling training strategy helps the leader to see this just the same as any sales strategy, social selling needs to be tied back to KPI’s and metrics. Without clear goals and objective sales people do not link their social behaviour to social etiquette, policies or structure. They commit “random acts of social” where at times self-promotion takes precedent over company promotion.
The goals for a social selling training strategy should be directly or indirectly linked to revenue generated. What aspect of each customer’s journey was influenced and progressed through the use of social selling

Social Selling Strategy

The social selling strategy module is focused on understanding that social selling is a process, seeing it as a careful progression through a continuum so business leadership can unlock the benefits it offers
Topics include how to use it as an opportunity for continuity throughout the sales cycle, ensuring deeper, consistently attuned customer engagement. Then how social selling can continue buyer conversations and help your business remain top of mind after the deal has been closed.
We also cover the social selling maturity stages