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Build my 7P’s

Brian May 20, 2019

Can you complete the following?

Build my 7P’s of Social Selling Credibility

Purpose: My purpose for social selling is?

Platform: The social platforms I want to focus on are?

Plan: What type of content do I have access to/will I share? (We will cover this in more detail in following sessions)?

Prepare: I will source ideas, content and insights from the following places and on the following topics (think about news, industry forums, social signals,)?

Prioritize: I will target the following Ideal Customer Profiles/Buyer Personas ( covered in more detail in other session)?

Profile: I have/will updated my profile on all my active social networks (list sites/actions)?

Persist: I plan to spend [ ] minutes a day on my social selling plan (doing what/where?, as part of my daily sales habit loop )