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Low Cost, Fun and Engaging Online Sales Training for $29.99

                             • 4 Sales Training Programs      • 80 Plus Training Videos

                       • Over 500 Pages of Downloads • 12 Months Access 


The complete sales training program. 23 Video Lessons PLUS lesson PDF downloads. Click to find out more


Learn the essential soft skills for success in the complex selling environments of today. Click to find out more


Master digital selling and social selling with this complete online program. Click to find out more


Learn how to profile, select, engage, target and converse quickly with new prospects. Click to find out more

Flexible Sales Training

Bite sized, easy to digest online sales training videos and training materials.

Accessible Materials

Download online notes, slides etc plus sales training videos that can be replayed.

Updated and Relevant

Online sales training that are up to date. They are constantly revised to deliver the latest insights.

Improve Retention

Our well-crafted sales training has better retention as you have access for 12 months.

The Digital Sales Institute

Enjoy Learning

Online Sales Training is here to stay.

The Digital Sales Institute brings a better model of learning for salespeople to learn the critical selling skills needed to be successful. A whole series of bite sized, easy to digest online sales training videos, worksheets, tips and tricks and quizzes.

A fun and way more engaging way to acquire new skills via short bursts of sales training lessons which allows any sales professional to study at their convenience.

Boost your learning retention by repeatedly revisiting all the sales training programs or lessons as part of your low-cost subscription.           

The Digital Sales Institute

Sales Skills Training

A robust series of research based, expertly written, low cost online sales training programs that aligns sales training with the needs, demands, skills and goals of the modern salesperson.

Learning new skills is a vital part of building your sales career and increasing your long-term earning potential. The Digital Sales Institute offers the path so that you can achieve your goals.

The Digital Sales Institute

Online Sales Training

Online Sales training programs and courses that allows any salesperson to choose their own learning environment that works best for their needs: be it at home, during break times, or anywhere with an internet connection.

Well designed, low cost, online sales programs which have been designed for fun and dynamic learning.